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Louis Vuitton at FAD Dubai.

Louis Vuitton HR & Management Team present an exclusive session for FAD Talents, resulting in internships to career development.

Brand engagements and interactions raise curtains for indefinite opportunities within the industry, while giving the students a taste of the expansive brolly of fashion and luxury during their courses.

Louis Vuitton’s HR & Management presented an exclusive session at the FAD Dubai Campus, interacting with students and putting forth the growth opportunities with Louis Vuitton in the Middle East region. Moreover, FAD students were introduced to the brand's heritage, vision and operations.

The heritage and folklore of the iconic label Louis Vuitton is time-hallowed, making it a vital part in the fashion landscape for more than a century, each interaction with the prestigious brand is of prime significance owing to the paramount exposure the students are bound to get.

This incredible session was the first of the series of engagements Louis Vuitton has planned for FAD Talents supporting them to explore working with the global luxury brand. This will be followed by a session inviting talents for a CV Building Advisory session and one-on-one interviews with the HR team at Louis Vuitton, in the FAD Dubai Campus.

FAD has been consistently supporting and incubating i’s talents with an industry led learning environment teamed with access to global and regional platforms.




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