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Louis Vuitton hires E-Commerce Intern from FAD

Luxury Brand Management student Jude receives an internship at Louis Vuitton Dubai HQ through FAD's placement support.

FAD takes utmost concession in providing opportunities in the fashion and luxury sector, and recently provided students with an opportunity at legacy brand Louis Vuitton in the capacity of an E-commerce Intern.

FAD Talent Jude who pursued Luxury Brand Management from FAD Dubai Campus was selected to recive the internship from the applicants. When prompted her about her experience at Louis Vuitton, she explained, ” I joined Louis Vuitton as an intern, I learned a lot abut their history and their culture. It's a big change to see the luxury brand’s operations behind the scene in the back office, after years of going to store as a potential client. I learned a lot about their website, e-commerce, I also learned a lot about store operations in a short course attended. It made me proud to style my LV scarfs every morning to work, and to have this great opportunity with the help of FAD.”

We wish Jude luck and success for her future endeavours!



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