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FAD Talents Shoot for FLTRD Concept Store

Exploring the fashion realm, traversing through its extravagance and emerging with finesse - that is what FAD’s success stories look like! FAD Styling & Photography Talents received an opportunity to conceptualise & execute a lookbook shoot in collaboration with the FLTRD Concept Store in Dubai.

Held at the FLTRD store under the guidance of Shirin Aminian, Creative & Academic Director at FAD, the shoot was part of the practical learning & industry exposure that FAD students receive as part of their Certificate in Fashion Styling / Fashion Photography.

The styling shoot involved a plethora of intriguing details and trends, from glistening metallic to hues of romance to soothing solids each shade fluidly blended with dainty dresses, fetching skirts and structured blazers! Accentuating details ranged from ruffles and ruches to cowl necklines, moreover touching the nodes of both streetwear & formal wear.

A special mention for accessories in focus – eccentric oval bags, trendsetter totes, uber cool caps, statement jewelry and snazzy sneakers, with each element complimenting the other thoroughly!

FAD has always envisioned & encouraged its talents by bringing forth diversified opportunities & incubating them from academia to industry.



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