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Jean Paul Gaultier Industry Visit

FAD Students visit the exhibit celebrating 50 years of Jean Paul Gaultier at the France Pavilion - Expo 2020.

Jean Paul Gaultier, a timeless fashion house whose grandeur and opulence knows no bounds and limits, while infusing versatile glamour and glee to the aura of haute couture. After contributing a paramount part to the fashion landscape, the catwalk designer eventually closed the curtains after five tremendous decades of his career.

The magnificent journey of ‘The Enfant Terrible Of Fashion’ was celebrated in the form of an exhibit which took place at the France Pavilion - Expo 2020 Dubai. FAD Talents visited the extravagant showcase, where the programming officer of the exhibit hosted the students for an exclusive guided visit of the Jean Paul Gaultier Exhibit.

The exhibition is a beguiling journey capturing the maestro’s iconic work, stupendous silhouettes eminently inspired by growing up around the French capital, his prime archives as well. Further unveiling his euphoric humor, passion, elaborated obsessions, courage and convictions set right and lastly his audacious display of the diverse French culture.

This resplendent exhibit celebrating an a magnificent era was a charge up of zeal and enthusiasm for FAD Talents. FAD time and again aims at bringing forth industry integrated experiences for its students before they venture out in this comprehensive industry.



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