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Celebrity Styling Alumna interns at Bazaar Qatar

FAD Celebrity Styling Alumna Andrina Goussous takes us through her journey from her course at FAD, to interning at Harper's Bazaar Qatar to working full time at Al Jazeera Channel.

Image : FAD Talent Andrina Goussous assists Styling for the cover of Harper's Bazaar Qatar.

From an emerging segment to gaining dominance and reigning the fashion industry, fashion stylists has come a long way as they traverse the fashion realm and ideate looks which instantly enhances the imagery. FAD Talent Andrina Goussous, who is currently holding the position of a full time stylist at Al Jazeera Channel is incessantly spreading her charm in the industry with her creative styling techniques.

Organically inclined to the styling arena, Andrina expressed, “I always had a deep passion for fashion, it is a way to express my personality. I love to be creative and put together unique outfits. Being born and raised in Qatar definitely had a solid impact on my choice in pursuing fashion and luxury as the people living here have a great eye for fashion and styling.”

Image : FAD Talent Andrina Goussous assists Styling for Harper's Bazaar Qatar.

Andrina undertook the Celebrity Styling course at FAD Dubai. Taking us through her FAD journey Andrina continues, “I loved that the course touched on the theoretical and practical part. It was an extensive week of seminars, workshops and homework. I highly recommend it to anyone who is looking to discover the world of styling as it touched on several aspects of it such as celebrity styling, TV styling and editorial styling.”

Always an avid learner and creative artist, Andrina continues, “I wanted to build a strong base in Business while also studying Fashion. As a result, I built a firm foundation of valuable knowledge and expertise in the fashion industry. Having attended fashion courses at prestigious universities over summer, I was able to create an attractive portfolio. I also attended the London Fashion Week Festival and Paris Couture Week to cover content for my Instagram account.”

Image : FAD Talent Andrina Goussous for Harper's Bazaar Qatar.

Taking us through her current job role at Al Jazeera Channel, Andrina responds,” At Al Jazeera I am styling male and female presenters depending on the type of show whether sports, weather or news. I would also shop with the TV presenters with a provided budget and complete daily reports of their outfits. I manage and coordinate the wardrobe for all TV presenters depending on the budget and ensure that they are dressed appropriately according to guidelines while also maintaining the personality’s character and style.”

On being questioned upon her favored styling project Andrina instantly acknowledges,” The one I cherish most would be during my internship, the S/S 21’ Issue of Harper’s Bazaar Qatar and Esquire, as it was my first contribution to one of the most renowned magazines.”

Image : FAD Celebrity Talent Andrina Goussous.

While discussing the use of social media in styling, Andrina elaborates,” I love posting daily outfit inspiration, styles and hacks and showing how versatile a blazer or a white shirt could be. Reading magazines, following stylists and fashion blogs helps me understand the trends so that I can also share these seasonal fashion trends. I sometimes post my sketches or style hacks as well to engage more with my audience. It's great to see someone asking you for tips when looking to buy a specific item or simply just how to style a black dress from day to night. Therefore, I try to always post and stay active to engage more with my audience and connect with brands.”

Infusing the true essence of fashion in her impactful styling approach, Andrina Goussous is a tremendous talent to watch out for!



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