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NE Concept Store hosts FAD Talents

FAD Students attended a guided visit to the futuristic streetwear concept store Nikita Efremov, led by their Branch Manager.

Masterclasses & industry visits cover a vital segment of the courses at FAD. Fashion Business & Entrepreneurship students from FAD Dubai visited Nikita Efremov – a multi-brand luxury retail giant, further to a masterclass the the brand on campus.

Building their exclusivity over sneakers, the store focuses on an intriguing and futuristic visual identity, that delivers a high quality experience for its customers.

The students were attended by the Branch Manager of Nikita Efremov, wherein he gave the students a tour of the unique retail store discussing the importance of brand image that is communicated through the store aesthetics. They also talked through the future of resale luxury business and operations.

Following the above the students participated in an activity that tested their visual merchandising and PR skills, to receive an internship opportunity with the brand.

FAD aims to put forth first hand industry experiences like the above which helps the students associate their knowledge in to the industry setting.



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