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Vogue Arabia features FADTalents

Following a fashion design challenge by FAD Dubai in partnership with Lenovo & Marmar Halim, three finalists receive a feature in Vogue Arabia. The winner of the challenge received an internship with Marmar Halim & a Lenovo Yogabook.

FAD Dubai recently partnered with tech giant Lenovo Middle East and leading regional designer Marmar Halim for a fashion design challenge. As a part of the ‘Be The Creator’ challenge, the design students were given guidelines to curate an evening wear look incorporating the region's heritage.

The three finalists from FAD - Maren Sanders, Sahar Bonyanpour & Sonal Sajeev, received a one on one masterclass with Marmar Halim in addition to a feature in Vogue Arabia. Their designs & silhouettes amalgamated tradition with innovation.

The focus of the initiative was to promote the evolution of the creative process with technology and how vital technology has emerged in the designing process.

To conclude the initiative, an exclusive event was organized wherein the finalists showcased their contemporary designs and Sahar Bonyanpour emerged as the winner of the ‘Be The Creator’ fashion challenge. She received a Lenovo Yoga Book alongside an internship with Marmar Halim.

Challenges such as these not only provide a platform for students to express their creativity but also offer valuable learning experiences and networking opportunities with industry professionals.



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