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SHEIN x Areej Rimawi, FAD Design Talent !

SHEIN x Areej Rimawi

FAD Design Talent Areej Rimawi is someone with no limitation to her dreams. In this interview, Areej talks to us about building her brand from ground zero to getting a collaboration with SHEIN , showcasing at Arab Fashion Week & more.

Tell us a bit about yourself, and how did you end up taking a Fashion Design course?

I’m a person who is eager to achieve any goal I set in my mind. The dream of fashion was in my imagination since I was in school, and it kept on growing until I reached the point of wanting to live it and that’s where my amazing chapter with FAD started.

FAD Design Talent Areej Rimawi

You have now showcased your collections at 2 consecutive seasons of Arab Fashion Week - how does it feel to see your garments on the runway?

Nothing could ever express the feeling of seeing your garments out there exposed to the market, worn by models and at a very known runway. The goosebumps that I had during each fashion show gets me again whenever I even go through the pictures and videos. I would also say that this could never happen without FAD believing in my talent and walking me through my very first step to industry exposure.

Areej Rimawi presents her collection at Arab Fashion Week AW20

Whom does the ‘Areej Rimawi’ brand cater to? What is your brand DNA?

Areej Rimawi is built from the passion of supporting women empowerment. A design label was the dream of my mother when she was studying Fashion Design, but due to circumstances she couldn’t proceed with it. My brand is inspired from her sacrifices and it kept growing to support all women. Anyone who wears Areej Rimawi will definitely feel the power and the passion of women of all ages and characters.

Areej Rimawi featured in FIENFH Magazine

Your latest collection with SHEIN - congratulations on that ! What was your inspiration for this collection and how was the process different from creating your own collection ?

Thank you very much!! My inspiration was to take the elegance of the 80’s and 70’s woman to a whole new level & match it with the modern women. SHEIN being an international E-commerce company, it was quite challenging to create something that should be suitable to women all over the world, while also keeping my touch to it.

SHEIN x Areej Rimawi

What’s next for you & your brand?

We are planning to go international with my online shopping platform in conjunction with releasing a new collection based on an extra bold personality. We are also planning something that would be a huge step in the fashion world - it might take a bit of time, but let’s keep it a surprise for now!

SHEIN x Areej Rimawi



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