Course Introduction

The course aims at giving further advanced level insights into personal styling for those looking at setting up their consultancies / personal styling businesses. Students also get to focus on their personal business plans and receive both technical and creative knowledge by industry mentors. The online course is delivered with real time live sessions teamed with course notes, practical assignments & recorded videos for ongoing learning and referencing. Students will also receive ongoing support as they get access to join a global community of alumni and industry insiders through the FAD & the StyleSchool network.

Course Modules

The course covers learning on the following topics. Understanding of advanced personal styling and how to develop styles for clients. Understanding, analyzing the right body proportions & scale. The psychology significance of style. What is the real reasoning behind each look The color theories such as values and color contrasts in fashion Advanced seasonal color consultation including Makeup & Hair Understanding the right makeup Tones for individuals & clients Understanding the right Hair color & style for individuals & clients The art of accessorizing What is the importance of using sunglasses and how to use different frames correctly A guide to the most common fabrics and textiles used in clothing. What are the different types of fabric patterns & prints How to mix and match prints & patterns The modern & modest Style personality – How clothes define your personality What is a dress code meaning and the importance and different dress codes (Quick guide to dress codes and what they mean for female client)? The powerful concept Yin & Yang of clothing _ How to interpret in clothing communication A professional implementation of virtual/online consultation with female clients. Style Finder – Locating online designers/brands key items for shopping services. (How to shop online like a stylist, where to shop and how to shop) Essential Fashion & style vocabulary Notable Fashion designers & brands. The pronunciation & signature style. Packaging your service, pricing, identifying your clients (How to find clients) All the tools & tricks you need to build a profitable career as a personal stylist. How to utilize social media to promote yourself & your services.


Certificate in Advanced Personal Styling & Shopping by FAD Dubai. ( Online Delivery ) FAD Dubai Certification is approved by Knowledge & Human Development Authority ( KHDA), Govt of Dubai.

Entry Requirements

Registrants must be over 16 years by the program start date and only those who have completed the Styleschool Basic personal styling & shopping course or have completed any other personal styling and Shopping Course.

Career Opportunities

On successful completion of the course, individuals can explore careers in: Personal Styling Personal Shopping In-house Personal Stylists for Brands / Stores Styling & Image Consultants

How to Enrol

Kindly fill the online enquiry form or the online enrollment form to receive further details on the course, dates, curriculum & fees. On receipt of the same, you will receive a conditional offer letter confirming your seat. Your seat will be confirmed on payment of fees via bank transfer or online through a credit / debit card. Fees will be refunded in full only if the course is cancelled by us due to any unforeseen circumstances.


Q: How are we being tutored?

You will be tutored by live sessions. You will receive at least 5 live group sessions held on Zoom, a total of 20 hours. Moreover, will you receive a 2-hour individual session, also held on Zoom.

Q: Will I be shared any videos? - members login

Each student will receive a members login, where they can access all video sessions from Zoom, to review and go over again and again.

Q: Will I receive any downloads or notes?

Yes, on your member’s login page, there will be downloadable PDFs which you can printout and use both during the course and after taking the course.

Q: Will we have practicals?

Yes, one of the requirements of the course includes students practising the taught styling techniques on friends or family, on live camera.

Q: Will I receive a certificate for completion?

Yes, you will receive a certificate of completion from STYLESCHOOL & FAD DUBAI.

Q: Can I use this course to become a personal stylist or is it for developing my own style?

Yes, this course will make you eligible to style clients as well as personal styling tips.

Q: What is the duration of the course?

The course will be held over a period of 2 weeks.

Q: How many hours is the course?

The course is a total of 22 hours, divided into live group and individual sessions.

Q. What will I be tutored ? OR What will I learn?
Womenswear Personal Styling Diploma focuses on all services, and delivery to a professional level – including; personal client assessment, style personality, body shape assessment, wardrobe edit, personal shopping, and a clear guide on how to deliver your services.

Q. Will it have a business module?
Yes, This program largely focuses on training you to master the skill of personal styling and personal shopping, as well as wardrobe edit. It also touches upon setting up your own business. However, we also deliver How to Setup Your Business Module Level-1, which takes you through the process of business set up in stages and run it professionally.

Who should take this course?

The Advanced Online Personal Styling & Shopping course is ideal for stylists or learners who have completed the personal styling & shopping Basic course.

How is the course delivered ?

The online PSS Advanced course is delivered using exclusive live web sessions by industry tutors. A schedule will be shared with students to attend the live sessions. Students will also receive course notes & will also have access to recorded tutoring sessions for future reference & use.

Course Duration

Course Duration : Two Weeks Total Hours : 21 The total duration of the course is two weeks with sessions being conducted on alternate days giving students time to complete practical exercises and tasks at home. The course is taught for a total of 21 hours through live video sessions over 7 days of tutoring.


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Course Outcomes

The following are the course outcomes The course will train you with advanced skills to scaleup the styling abilities as a personal stylist & shopper for female clients. Learn how to evaluate female modern body proportions/body scale of each client. • Learnt to keep up with trends of high-end brands. Advanced level understanding and implementation of color theories & the science of color contrast as part of color consultation. Learn to work with A-list clienteles and conduct virtual style consultations in a professional manner. Learn techniques to explore variation in textiles & fabric patterns. Learn the art of accessorizing. Learn the Yin / Yang characteristics in clothing & style. Receive tips and tricks for advanced personalized styling. Receive personal feedback on assignments from the tutors. Gaine a valuable insight into the value of style and psychology today Get a good understanding of how to package your styling services.









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