( Certified by KHDA)


JAN 28TH, 2020



6 Weeks


2 Evenings per week 6 - 9 pm



Certificate in Fashion Illustration

The course is approved & certified by Knowledge & Human Development Authority ( KHDA ) Dubai.




This is a beginners level course and needs no previous work experience or academic qualifications. Fashion professionals with an existing business or previous academic background can apply to build a professional folio of work.



Fashion Illustration Level 1 is a 6-week program aimed to introduce students to the foundations of fashion illustration. Ideal for individuals exploring to build an initial portfolio or for fashion professionals to hone their skills for professional practice.


Individuals will study the anatomy of the fashion figure; basic principles of drawing will be explored along with live model drawing and live sketching that will serve as a strong foundation for their continues study in Fashion Illustration.  The course will also introduce students to basic principles of visual communications, such as the study of compositions, color theory various theories in art that will strengthen their work style and provide students the with the needed skills to achieve a finalized work. The course will also provide an introduction to the history of fashion illustration, where students, will investigate the work of master illustrators in aim to further explore styles and techniques used by the masters.


Classes are structured to be small  with limited spaces per course to ensure students get one-one focus on their learning and objectives.




  • Introduction to History of Fashion Illustration

  • Anatomy of the Fashion Figure

  • Creating a fashion illustration

  • Exploring Colour Theory & Design Principles.

  • Developing your visual vocabulary

  • Exploring different media and techniques 

  • Development of a Sketchbook

  • Business of Fashion Illustration 



Week 1 : Orientation; introduction to the history of
                 Fashion Illustration

                 Tools and materials, Art supplies.

                 The Sketchbook

Week 2 : Fashion Figure Anatomy

                Body Parts, Fashion Portrait, Hair, Hands &                                 feet 

Week 3 : Textiles & Draping effect

                Brief introduction to color theory

Week 4 : Live drawing, contour and line quality

                Textiles & draping effect         

Week 5 : Compositions & Design Principles

Week 6 : Illustrating a Fashion Collection

                Professional opportunities as an illustrator 

                The Business of Fashion Illustration


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