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Professional Certificate in Beauty Makeup by London College of Style & FAD Dubai


The course is approved by Knowledge & Human Development Authority ( KHDA ), Govt of Dubai.



  • Successful applicants will demonstrate a keen interest in the world of beauty and make-up. 

  • The course is suitable for those who are beginners and have little to no experience in make-up.

  • Those who are passionate about make up and have enthusiasm to learn professional skill from a team of industry experts.

  • Those who would like to learn the fundamentals of make-up at professional industry level.


There are no minimum academic requirements, however we are looking for individuals with a commitment to their learning and a passion for the industry.




The 7-day Professional Beauty Make Up Certificate course is ideal for anyone wishing to pursue a career in make-up with little to no previous experience. This intensive course is structured to provide you with a solid understanding and fundamental knowledge of the make-up industry and professional make-up application and technique at an industry level, with interactive hands on make-up demonstrations. Students will have the opportunity to develop professional beauty imagery on live photo-shoots with leading industry experts for portfolio building.   

The course includes talks and closed-door events exclusively for FAD Dubai students from brand consultants and leading cosmetic brands, with brand discounts for make up products.


The 7 day Professional Beauty Make Up Certificate training will take you from introduction to all aspects of the make-up profession.  


From prepping skin, to correction, lash-work, contour and high-light, lip-work and colour theory.  You will gain insight into natural make-up, beauty editorial looks, glamour, creative and fashion, as well as bridal.


Working alongside top artists in the industry, you will finish the certificate course with a beauty shoot, plus a glamour and creative fashion shoot, with professional models, celebrity make-up artist(s) and photographers.


You will have an incredible advanced capsule training system offering hands-on practical creativity and business knowledge, to work in this very competitive and fabulous industry.

Demonstration, Theory & Practice

Courses are highly practical with live demonstrations from skilled industry experts with a longstanding and established careers within the make-up industry.  Students will be supervised, with a focused level of individual feedback during practical application of skills on models during theoretical learning and models during photo shoots. 



On successful completion of the course individuals can begin their careers as a Professional Makeup Artist with:


  • Salons

  • Spas 

  • Retail and Department Stores

  • Bridal Boutiques 

  • Freelancers for Bridal Make Up

  • Celebrity Make Up

  • Make Up for Photography


Introduction to Make Up 

  • Code of practice 

  • Hygiene, health & safety 

  • How to liaise with the client 

Skin Types, Face Shape 

  • Skin analysis, faceshape, eyebrow shape

  • Facial structure – contouring for facial geometry and bone structure 

  • Prepping skin – cleansing, toning and moisturising

  • History of make up


Make Up Kit, Tools and Products 

  • Introduction to brushes 

  • Variation of make up tools

  • Understanding cosmetic ingredients

Colour Theory  

  • Colour theory – Colour wheel and identification (warm peach/cool beige) 



  • Brow shape/pluck/thread

  • Methods of shaping & contouring 


Make-Up Application & Technique (Natural Part 1)

  • Natural/daytime make up application

  • Prep skin

  • Colour correction – warming and cooling

  • Make up base, selection and application of foundations and concealer

  • Eye make-up:

      - Natural eyes - day make up

      - Eye brows 

  • Cheek & lips – lipstick, blusher and bronzer application

  • Setting tips & tricks – powder application

Who’s Who

  • Who is who on set


‘Cream on Creams’ Products

  • Product awareness

Make-Up Application & Technique (Glamour & Creative Part 2) 

  • Glamorous & Creature make up application:

  • Prep skin

  • Colour correct

  • Illuminate

  • Foundation

  • Concealing

  • Eye make-up:

      - Smokey/liner/flick/lash

      - Jewels and adornment    

      - False Eye lash application

  • Cheeks & lips – lipstick, blusher and bronzer application

Portfolio Building Techniques

  • Pre-shoot talk with photographer - working in make up industry 

  • 1 Beauty portfolio shoot 



Step 1 :  Make an Online Application or email admissions@faddubai.com for offer letter.

Step 2 : Receive an offer letter confirming place on the
              course with details on fee payment

Step 3 : Pay course fees via bank transfer or at the campus.

108-109, 1st Floor, Block 17, Above Middlesex University, Dubai Knowledge Park, Dubai 500695 

Telephone: +97144477959, +971507002956 


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